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Programming Language - DragonScript


DragonScript is a language I designed in the first place specially for this game project but I will use it later on also for my linux systems to have an easier time to write small apps. The main idea behind DragonScript is to create a scripting and programming language that is object oriented, memory managed and with a very simple syntax. The object oriented nature i need for making programming the engine rather easy and more structured. The memory managed part is simply to get beyond the problems of common c/c++ programs with all the memory pointers where memory leaks and memory related problems are the daily problems of each coder. c/c++ is powerfull but as soon as your project grows in size it becomes very difficult to keep all memory related matters clear and correct. Another point is the simple syntax it uses too. To avoid lots of typing and to make the resulting code listings easier to read I decided to drop many keywords and constructions in favor of this goal. Finally the Language is designed to run out of a hosting application and is created as a simple yet powerfull extension to c/c++ applications in a simple way. Later on a compiler will be made too to create more speady programs. But this is future music so far. Compared to other object oriented languages this one comes with a simple library file that is stripped around 600k in size which gives you a VM, a simple c++ interface, lots of possibilities to extend the language with native classes to adept it to any app you want to use it for, and it's free.